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Slums by Datem

If you keep doing something, you have a chance to be successful. If you stop, you lose even that chance."– Datem

Minestealers by Datem

There's an enthralling cinematic quality to Datem's paintings that fully immerses the viewer in dystopian worlds and forlorn environments, prompting a keen awareness of what great art can make us experience and imagine. A subtle master of mood, Rostislav began his career in an almost inadvertent manner — a fact that makes his progress in such a short span of time all the more inspiring. As a personal fan of his work, it was a true pleasure to conduct this interview and make a small contribution to lifting the veil between the creator and his content. 

The Nest by Datem

Thanks for chatting with me, Rostislav! Let's explore your artistic background and development: When did you discover your passion for art and what steps have led you to your current station?

Thank you for your invitation, I am glad to answer your questions. To be honest, my first forays into digital art were only occasional.

I found some speed-painting videos on YouTube and thought, ''Hmm, these guys paint really awesome! Interesting, could I do the same?'' And I tried. It became really interesting, and I decided to go on."

Dragon shore by Datem

What are the main themes that you like to examine in your art?

There are a lot of themes, but my favorites are landscapes, industrial and post-apocalyptic themes."


One of the many highlights of your paintings is the profound atmospheric quality you are able to achieve. Can you expand on the details of your creative process and how you incorporate narrative within your works? Do you begin a painting with a specific story to tell or does it emerge later on in a more organic manner?


There’s not a concrete explanation. Everything happens very intuitively. Sometimes I start painting from some color spots, I work with them, add new, delete old ones, develop existing ones, and do it until my color spots become the main shape of a future picture. And when I get the real shape, a basic understanding of place and mood, I can add some storytelling."

Sandstorm by Datem

Do you have a favourite painting in your gallery? If so, what would you consider to be the strengths of the piece, visually and/or conceptually? 


I do not have favorite artworks. More than anything else, I am a person full of self-criticism; when I look at my paintings, I always see what I could do better."

Sith by Datem

Is there a tip or trick of the trade that helps to improve your workflow which you can share with readers?

All and any tricks necessary to create a workflow that is comfortable for you. Your own place, your favorite music, maybe some inspiring books, etc."

What qualities do you find inspirational in your favourite artists or those you admire in the field? 


I think it is patience and perseverance. When you are a patient artist, your results cannot be bad, I think. But I am not."

Port of birds. by Datem

As an artist, how do you deal with creative setbacks or lack of motivation? 


I try to take some breaks from working. Not paint. Just go for a walk, read books, watch favourite movies. Usually it helps."

Aviator's Shelter Pub by Datem

What advice has influenced you?

If you keep doing something, you have a chance to be successful. If you stop, you lose even that chance."

What is your dream project?  


Oh, it is a really difficult question. I did not think about it. It could be something epic, so epic that I cannot imagine what it could be."

suburb by Datem

What has been the highlight of your DeviantArt experience so far and how do you see the community as contributing to your growth as an artist? 


For now, DeviantArt is just a habit. I usually do not spend a lot of time here. But, three years ago, when I came into painting, DeviantArt was a really huge store of inspiring pictures. Sure, that was a great influence."

Raven punk by Datem

What other talent do you possess that others might be surprised to know about?


I would not call them 'talents', but I have some hobbies, like mountain tracking, oil painting, and Irish dancing."

Swamphouse by Datem

Is there something you are currently working on, or are excited about starting that you can share? 


Now I am working on an AAA project, but unfortunately that is all that I can say. NDA, you understand."

AfterLanding by Datem

You can see more of Datem's work at:…

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Aesara-Dayne Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Lovely! He's so skilled and as remarkable as you said he was, I like his style. :)
lovelessdevotions Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Indeed, Datem's work is exceptional :) 
slomodeux Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
nice interview.
lovelessdevotions Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :) 
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