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How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by ohmybug

... I find it really inspirational when an artist enjoys his/her art. Sometimes maybe the quality isn't the best, but its execution, its message, is much stronger."– ohmybug

Battle for Heaven by ohmybug

I like to think of ohmybug's art as akin to the dizzying pleasure experienced on an endless merry-go-round, as flashes of the amusement park animate our eyes, and before we know it the world becomes a fantastical space where anything is possible. Such are the sensations afforded by the colourful circus that defines Aliz's style, where she takes us into whimsical wonderlands to awaken the sleeping child within us, and embolden us to engage with the monsters we thought had been vanquished beneath the bed or simply to frolic with them in new-found camaraderie. There in these dreamlike realms, we discover that our imagination will take us as far as we allow it, and that's a path worth pursuing. 

The girl who drew cats by ohmybug

Thanks for chatting with me, Aliz! Let’s explore your artistic background and development: when did you discover your passion for art and what steps took you to where you are today?

Hi! I guess I liked drawing since . . . forever, but I started thinking about it professionally at sixteen, when I applied for a private art school called JOSO, specialized in comics and illustration. I was very lucky because I had really talented classmates, like Brosa, toniinfante, UNDERANANGEL, BattlePeach, DanaArena, and great teachers like Santi Casas and Miqui Montlló. All of them were (and still are) much better than me, so I could learn a lot from their experience and knowledge. Some of them are good friends of mine now. And their artistic superiority made me push myself to be a better artist, so I suppose there's nothing better than a healthy rivalry to improve."

What are the main themes that you like to examine in your art?

I love fantasy! Which I think is pretty obvious if you see my art, haha. I think I like all types of fantasy, but especially the ones that involve fairy tales, fantasy creatures and magic, but all of this with a dark twist. I like Steampunk and retro futurism scenarios as well. But most important for me is that every single illustration of mine tells a story. I rarely draw portraits or backgrounds without people. Don't misunderstand me, I absolutely love concept art and character design, but I would rather draw something with more narrative. Although sometimes I'm the only one who knows the message or the story behind the illustration."

Sacrifice by ohmybug

You have an imaginative storybook style that entails lots of movement and interesting perspectives. Can you share the details of your creative process and tell how your style has evolved throughout the years?

Oh, thank you! My creative process isn't very original, it mixes traditional and digital media. First, I do a tiny sketch which should show the idea and the composition of the future illustration. This takes me a lot of time, and a headache, because it's important to me to choose a good point of view to explain the story that I want to tell. I spend a lot of time searching for documentation, looking at art books, photography, etc. Then, I use a blue and normal pencil to draw a more detailed sketch, and finally I "ink" the final line art with a mechanical pen. Now, time to colour it! I make a little colour key with Photoshop, and after I'll paint the line art digitally. I choose the colours very carefully.

I started drawing Manga, copying from my favourite animes or comics. But then, I discovered internet and I met a lot of people with different styles and different tastes in art, and a brand new world opened to me. I have a lot of influences, and my goal is to develop my style into something unique and totally recognizable."

What the water gave me by ohmybug

Do you have a favourite painting in your gallery? If so, what would you consider to be the strengths of the piece, visually and/or conceptually? 

Haha, that's hard to say for me! I'm very insecure about my art, so the piece that I liked some seconds before, I’ll find full of mistakes some time later. Or I see an old illustration and I think, "Hey, it's not so bad!" But my mood changes easily.

Currently, I'm pretty happy with my piece "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" (for the moment). I really like the composition and the colours, and I had a lot of fun while drawing and painting it."

The mirror's passage by ohmybug 

What qualities do you find inspirational in your favourite artists or those you admire in the field? 


The quality, the ideas that the illustration shows, the diversity in their style, how it makes me feel. I really admire artists who draw different types of characters and scenarios, who push themselves to paint things that they usually don't paint.

As weird as it sounds, I like open-minded artists. People who have characters of all sexual orientations, with different ethnicities, body types, etc.

But more importantly, I find it really inspirational when an artist enjoys his/her art. Sometimes maybe the quality isn't the best, but its execution, its message, is much stronger.

And, of course, I really enjoy what makes me laugh or feel good, no matter how crappy it can be."

Between two lungs by ohmybug

As an artist, how do you deal with creative setbacks or lack of motivation? 


I rarely suffer from lack of motivation; I'm a very motivated person! But sometimes I'm very insecure about what I'm doing, or I'm so tired to think on a new illustration or project. In these cases, the best medicine is reading a book, watching gameplays and movies, or simply looking at art books (or other artists' galleries). After that, I feel full of ideas again.

I don't believe in inspiration; I believe in hard work and perseverance. Inspiration doesn't appear when you least expect it, it appears when you're constantly working and learning."

Sleepover by ohmybug

What is your dream project?

My final goal as an artist is making an illustrated book, written and drawn by myself, and get paid for it.

But, likewise, I'd love to work for a videogame company or for an animation show/film on artistic development."

Before the storm starts by ohmybug

What has been the highlight of your DeviantArt experience so far, and how do you see the community as contributing to your growth as an artist? 


Well, I think most significant to me on DeviantArt is the great number of artists that I discover every day, and how seeing their work motivates me to improve constantly. I'd like to socialize a little more, but I'm not good at that, haha.

I often tell myself that I should be more active on this community and submit art more frequently, but I prefer to show my best works, and that takes time.

On the other hand, DeviantArt helps me to beat my insecurity/shyness every time I post a drawing here. And it's really nice to see that someone likes my art; I truly appreciate every comment, fav or watcher that I've got."

Les passants by ohmybug

What other talent do you possess that others might be surprised to know about?

I don't know if I'm talented at it, but I love to write (in my mother tongue, which it’s obvious that it isn’t English!). In fact, I want to be a writer besides being an illustrator. I've studied the theory of film script in a private school, and I write stories since I was an adolescent. I enjoy reading books and comics since forever, so I guess it's for this reason I like to write and explain stories in my illustrations."

Is there something you are currently working on, or are excited about starting that you can share? 


I'm working on two illustrated books, but all my own. They’re titled “Walking without a Soul” and “Uhan’s Story” (provisional name). If you’re curious, you can take a look on them in my gallery.  I have hopes that one day they'll be published!

And currently I'm awaiting a reply from a videogame company to work with them as a concept artist. I'm really excited and hopeful about it, so wish me luck! ;)"

New Born by ohmybug

Good luck, Aliz! You can see more of her work at:

See my profile page for The Next Big Thing journals and more great features!

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Mrs-Freestar-Bul Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Such an amazing artist, amazing imagination and skill :wow:
lovelessdevotions Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
Definitely! She's going places :D 
Cameron-Brideoake Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Some very unique perspectives, thanks for sharing their work!
lovelessdevotions Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
You're welcome! :) 
ohmybug Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student
Wawawa, it looks PRECIOUS!! You did an excellent work, and the introduction for the interview was so dreamy and and... I haven't words to say how grateful and lucky I feel! :)
I really appreciate this; seriously, thank you so much. :hug:
lovelessdevotions Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
You're most welcome, Aliz :tighthug: It was lovely to get to feature your work in-depth, and I'm sure this is only the first of many more interviews to come for you :) 
Amidasu Featured By Owner Edited Sep 25, 2015  Student General Artist
That a great interview, very interesting, and inspirational.
Her work is awesome, I'm off to watch her ;)
lovelessdevotions Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
Glad you enjoyed it! :hug: 
athenapallas87 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really interesting! :D I feel like I understand the art a little more seeing the artist's personality in this interview. ^^
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Yes, indeed :D :heart: 
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